8 Simple Hacks to Get Dog Hair Out Of Car

Hacks to Get Dog Hair Out Of Car

We love dogs because they make for great company at home, outdoors, and in our cars on those ever-exciting road trips. Dogs enjoy traveling in the car probably as much as we do; with their tongues hanging out and their ears flapping in the wind through the windows, they are as happy as they can … Read more

Why Does Cat Pee Smell So Bad (& Easy Remedies)

Why Does Cat Pee Smell So Bad

For all cat owners, cat urine tends to be noticeable, more pungent, and unmistakably foul. So, why does cat pee smell so bad? The distinct cat pee odor has a lot to do with their physiological adaptation, behavior, gender, and urinary system health. Fortunately, you can take steps to overcome the bad smell. Background Info … Read more

Top 4 Simple Tips On How to Remove Dog Hair from Blankets

how to remove dog hair from blankets

Cuddling with our furry friends – dogs and cats – is always welcome. It’s relaxing and reduces stress, depression, and anxiety. And your pup most likely loves the cuddle sessions too! However, you will have to deal with pet fur on your blanket, clothes, and other places in the house when the cuddling is over. … Read more