How Long Does Cat Urine Odor Last

How Long Does Cat Urine Odor Last

If you wonder whether cat urine odor will finally dissipate from your carpet, fabrics, couch, or wood subflooring soon, well, it might never. At least not on its own. How long does cat urine odor last? When left to its own devices, it can last a long, long time. You must conduct thorough cleaning to … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell On Wood Floor (& Other Floor Materials)

How To Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell On Wood

Even the best of trained cats will have an accident on your floor. Unfortunately, in most “accidents,” your cat may not be considerate and choose surfaces that are easy to clean. Most likely, it will relieve itself anywhere it’s comfortable, including the concrete floor in your garage or even the wood staircase. Hence the need … Read more

What Does Cat Pee Smell Like? 4 Intense Cat Pee Odors To Look Out For

What Does Cat Pee Smell Like

Do you want to bring a new kitty home and do not know what to expect with the cat-urine odor? You might wonder, what does cat pee smell like? Equally, you might want to know how to ensure your cat always goes inside the litter box all the time. The truth is that cat pee … Read more

Top 4 Simple Tips On How to Remove Dog Hair from Blankets

how to remove dog hair from blankets

Cuddling with our furry friends – dogs and cats – is always welcome. It’s relaxing and reduces stress, depression, and anxiety. And your pup most likely loves the cuddle sessions too! However, you will have to deal with pet fur on your blanket, clothes, and other places in the house when the cuddling is over. … Read more